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Michael J Sales of American Auto Shipping, Automobile Shipping Quotes (ASQ), M2 Reeves, etc. is widely known as the cockiest shadeball lead provider in the industry. But his racket is bigger than most may know.

Well - See for yourself.

Hmm… Who's the Owner/Principal of these (2) Auto Transport Brokerages?

Hmm that's a pretty recent review on TR for Weber Auto Transport - 07/25/2013?

Now Wait a just a Cotton Picking minute? Why is his phone number on Auto Broker Dispatch (Superflo Systems) site as "Mike Hampton?"

Why is "Ian" who is a Rep at Auto Broker Dispatch also a Rep for AmericanAutoShipping.com?

Now these Testimonials seem really suspicious all of a sudden. More bed partners perhaps?

Some aspects of his racket:

Buying and reselling used leads from his brokerages as well as other brokers.

His low end CMS AutoBrokerDispatch that he uses to wash leads as well

Preying on new brokers that are dumb enough to partner with him for Consulting under his ridiculous terms like squeezing you for a cut on every car you move for his worthless advice.

Years ago - he convinced 1 unsuspecting individual that was starting a company to name it "Reliable Car Transportation" to ride Reliable Carriers Inc's Coattails and deceive customers. This landed the individual with a whopping $100,000 Judgement. Look it up.

And the list goes on and on.

So think twice before doing business with Michael J Sales or any of his many lead washing aliases/companies.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

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